Why us?

AQ PUMPY was founded in 2000 as a company proudly professing more than 130 years old pump manufaturing tradition in Hranice. The most important attribute of the emerging company has been and still remained customer orientation .

30 years experience

of our staff skilled in the development, design, manufacture and service of pumps and equipments

Individual approach

to the each business partner allows tailor-made solutions.

Complex care

about customer and ensuring that the end-user is satisfied with all delivered devices


of the AQP company and the guarantee of high quality products and services


Essential company motto:
"Our effort is a return of our customer, not a product."

Our main strategic goals:

Satisfied customer

We attempt to gain remaining trust from our customers and to build mutual respect. We keep our ears open to customer requirements and want to solve all their needs. We would not want to be only supplier, but also advisers and assistants in the field which is our domain. About our qualities we need to persuade not only our current customers, but also convince a new ones.
Quality Product

Our expertise and experience are mainly applied in the field of development, design, production and sales of pumps, special equipments and pumping units, with a great accent on high pressure plunger pumps and their after sale service. Reliability, quality and timeliness in supply of our products and services are considered as a prerequisite for the client's satisfaction. We make sure that our products meet not only customer requirements, but also the relevant technical standards and legal regulations.

Competent employee

We realize that our employees are the most priceless resources for our company. We appreciate their experience and opinions. We provide nice working environment and make our employees feel self-realized. We broadly encourage them in increasing their proffesional competence according to together planned training and education. On the other hand, we insist on their responsibility and reliability.
Reliable supplier

The quality of our products depends on the quality of the subcontracts, therefore our suppliers and their abilities are carefully selected, monitored and evaluated to meet our requirements. With strategic suppliers, we are building and maintaining a close relationship based on mutual trust and fast cooperation, and we expect them to be skilled, flexible and especially reliable.
Efficient preventing undesirable results

We are always ready to take an action to correct nonconformity when occurs, but our main aim is to avoid this mistake. We perceive our mistakes as a threat which can reduce customer satisfaction, increase our costs, and weaken our company reputy and goodwill. Therefore, already at beginning of planning a project, before manufacturing, we are looking for critical milestones where nonconformity can occur, and we are trying to eliminate the source of this fault and to implement action needed.

The important tool to achieve above mentioned goals is established, realized and certified the latest Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015.

Certificate to view here and in English version, here .

Working team

is the foundation stone, consisting of founders with more than 30 years experience in the field of pumping technology, in all type of working positions from development, design, management, production, service and trade. The AQP company is continuously onboarded by young and imaginative workers who bring new knowledge, creativity and innovation to the company and the new projects.

The combination of experience and creativity creates the ideal environment for DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN of prototype devices, tailored made units and special single-purpose machines, innovation of production processes of our clients, development and production of the new products.


From the technical background point of view, the company has its own production areal of ​​3,880 m 2 , which consists of warehouse, office, assembly, production and testing areas, including fully furnished

  • assembly workshops with 3.2-ton bridge cranes ,
  • Paintshop and
  • Hydraulic Testing Area connected with
  • 250 kW diesel generator .

This areal provides sufficient background for a fully professional solutions of the most demanding projects and the manufacturing of the large devices, such as rebuilding and repairing high pressure units on the trucks, trailers and shipping containers or complete assembly of stainless steel machines in the food industry and entire production lines.


Since foundation of the company AQ PUMPY in 2000, has been the main priority of stability . Although AQ PUMPY prefers gradual development over dynamic one, within the specific segment of the market of high pressure pumping techniques, we had great success from the beginning thanks to extensive knowledge and practical experience. In spite of the size of the company, we invest significant amounts into the development of completely original high pressure plunger pumps and high pressure equipments. Therefore we are able to offer different solutions of the high pressure sources built on two series of high pressure pumps AQx 50 and AQx80. Our invaluable competitive advantage is very close relationship with our clients, especially end-users of high pressure technology, allowing us to react quickly to their demands and changing requirements and, together with more than 30 years of personal experience in developing, designing, manufacturing and servicing pumping technology, we can take these informations into account in the development of new products. At the moment the development, design and consulting services, as the most important KNOW-HOW of the company, are sought by engineering companies as well as end users from various sectors, most often the water treatment, building, food, metallurgy, petrochemical and automotive industries. strong>


Founding the company. Buying the company headquarters and building in Hranice.


Launching the pump with swirling impelle AQS on the market. Beginning of cooperation with the dutch company DP-PUMPS.


Launching high pressure pump AQx 50 on the market. Design, development and production of valves for abrasive hydro-mixtures.


Beginning of cooperation on development of new colagen mass processing technology in food industry (edible casings products).


High pressure plunger pump AQL 80 prototype. Reconstruction of a hydraulic testing room with diesel generator of 250 kW.


Reconstruction of the old warehouse into a new assembly workshop with 3.2 tons overhead crane.


Launching the high pressure pump AQL 80 on the market and its commissioning at the coal-base thermal power plant ČEZ.


Design and manufacture of high performance units for defectoscopic testing of pipelines and installation into container ISO 20"


ISO 9001: 2015 Certification (LRQA). Complete insulation of the building, incl. replacing the roof. Designing CUBE 1150 bar.


Launching the high pressure plunger pump AQE 50 up to 1500 bar on the market.


Production of standardized units for high pressre water jetting - HydroBlaster 500 bar, CUBE 1150 bar


Development of a high-pressure pump prototype for demanding operation with a power of up to 300 kW


Production of technological containers for explosive atmosphere (ATEX) for pumping crude oil and brine


Reconstruction of the hydraulic test room. Completion of production and testing of the plunger pump AQL 130 up to 300 kW.


Construction of a prototype workshop and administrative building. Start of production on machine tools (CNC).

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Individual approach and obvious customer orientation create an ideal environment for tailored made products and customized devices and equipments for the specific needs and specialized customer applications. Our references are rightfully the most important part of these websites, as a shop window of our products and services.

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