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CUBE 1250 bar

The CUBE 1250 (bar) high-pressure cleaner is designed with a high <55> power output (55 kW), productivity, durability and ease of use. The CATERPILLAR C 3.4 engine, the AQH 50 and the SIEMENS Control & GO control system guarantee quality and extremely long service life.


Modular construction High-pressure pump enables easy change of parameters while maintaining maximum power, which significantly extends the range of applications from concrete, concrete, steel and masonry remediation to rust, paint, gypsum and other durable sediments, sewerage, piping systems, heat exchangers, industrial technologies and many other applications. Due to its performance, the water purifier is also suitable as a source of pressurized water for smaller cleaning machines, cleaning carts, multi-spit machines etc.

Soundproofing high-pressure aggregate significantly reduces noise emissions to the surrounding area, allowing the device to be used in built-up areas as well. Also includes a storage area for all accessories (high pressure guns, nozzles, sand bits, high pressure hoses, etc.)

pump / device type   CUBE 1250
Pressure   max. 1250 bar
Flow   max. 52 l / min
Power   max. 55 kW
Price (excl. VAT)
on request


  • High cleaning performance
  • Strong CATERPILLAR C 3.4
  • Robust and Reliable  AQH 50 or AQM 50
  • Ability to change the basic parameters of the aggregate simply by replacing packing sets
  • Control System SIEMENS Control & Go
  • Easy operation and operator convenience
  • Soundproofing

Technical parameters

Parameter table

Pump design

AQM 56-25 AQH 56-22 AQH 56-18 AQE 56-14
Max. pressure 500 bar 700 bar 1000 bar 1250 bar
Max. flow 52 l / min 40 l / min 28 l / min 21 l / min



Control system

Control of the high-pressure cleaning unit is provided by the SIEMENS Control & Go control system that monitors and monitors all the operating and safety conditions of the unit. In the event of a fault, the system signals a malfunction and switches off the machine. The error appears on the control panel.


The control panel contains:

  • Startup key
  • Buttons to Increase and Decrease Engine Speed ​​
  • Tachometer - Digital Pump Speed ​​Indicator
  • Low pressure gauge - to measure water inlet pressure (suction)
  • High Pressure Digital Pressure Gauge - to Check Output Pressure
  • Signal fault indicators (glow, gun control, air pressure, suction pressure, engine oil pressure, engine temperature)


AQx 50 pump:

The heart of each high-pressure cleaning machine is a high-pressure pump. As a high-pressure water source, the CUBE 1500 is used either high-pressure pumps of the AQH 50 series (for aggregate with maximum pressure) or a high-pressure pump of the AQM 50 series (for a medium pressure version of the aggregate).

In all cases, it is reliable, durable and dozens of customers í in the most demanding operations of proven pumps of our own design. All pump parts that come in direct contact with the pumped liquid are made of high quality stainless steels.



The high-pressure cleaner is fitted as standard with the Caterpillar C 3.4 engine. where power transmission is ensured by a reduction gear and a flexible clutch. The 60 l diesel tank is also included, and the starter battery is equipped with a disconnector.


SAFETY High Pressure Gun

The high-pressure pistol with a secure double-circuit electric control system offers a number of advantages over competing systems, both in the field of safety and fault detection, as well as in the field of pistol comfort:

  • The double-circuit electric control circuit provides reliable fault detection and safely distinguishes the standard push-trigger signal from any signal that may accidentally occur when the interconnect cable is broken or short-circuited
  • When the pistol is opened, the entire displacement branch of the unit is depressurised, which increases operational safety, reduces energy consumption (diesel) and facilitates handling of the high pressure hose between individual spraying operations
  • A small, low-pressure water jet is flowing through the nozzle when the gun is opened, which makes it easier for the operator to target the desired point of subsequent cleaning
  • When the gun is switched on, there is a gradual increase in pressure without sudden impact, which greatly increases the operator safety and also greatly reduces the fatigue of the operating staff
  • The gun trigger does not control any mechanical shutter, its control force is therefore minimal, which again significantly reduces the fatigue of the operator even when it is activespraying
  • The pistol can be equipped with a shoulder rest
  • for easier capture of the reaction force



Basic design:

The CUBE 1500 is built into a solid steel frame that is mounted on silentblocks, a soundproofed cavity incorporating a dampening material that enhances the use of equipment in urban and residential buildings. The standard equipment of the frame is the suspension lug for easy handling. At customer's request, the aggregate can be placed in cabin extensions of freight wagons or trailers, shipping containers, etc.




  • Paint and varnish removal, mold cleaning
  • Reconstruction of concrete, columns, bridges and floors
  • Cleaning the heat exchangers, filters and cooling circuits
  • Cleaning tanks and reservoirs
  • Cleaning facades, scaffolding and shuttering
  • Cleaning Machines and Commercial Vehicles
  • Sewerage cleaning




More information about design and development of special nozzles, nozzle holders and other accessories for specific use on page customized accessories production.

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