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High pressure control valve - Spring regulator

The AQPRT 1000 spring high pressure control valve (regulator) is a special valve designed to control the pressure in high-pressure systems in a way that needless fluid flowing through the pump pass back to the waste piping, so the desired pressure is not exceeded in the system. 

The control valve (regulator) is connected between the high pressure pump output and shut-off valve as the end of the high-pressure system (most commonly a high pressure gun or foot valve). The actual amount of required pressure in the system is adjusted by the spring. If the pistol (shut-off valve) is closed, the operating pressure remains only in the hose between the gun and the pressure regulator, the pump itself is relieved and pump only into a slight backpressure.

technical designation   AQVRT 1000
Pressure   0 - 1000 bar
Flow   80 l / min
Headroom   DN 12
Weight   8 kg
Material   stainless steel
Price (excl. VAT)
on request


  • function: by-pass, overflow, closure and safety valve
  • all stainless steel version
  • functional parts are vacuum hardened
  • easy setting of working pressure
  • comfortable solution for operating high pressure equipment
  • pumped medium: water, oil and emulsions

The high pressure control valve / regulator can be designed for other parameters and non-standard pumped fluids after consultation with our developers .

Technical parameters


When the set operating pressure is exceeded in high pressure system behind the control valve, it starts to discharge the needless water to the waste piping (most often back to the intake system) and maintain a constant pressure in the system.

If the shut-off valve at the end of the high pressure system (eg high pressure gun) is closed completely, the control valve (regulator) closes the outlet and completely opens the bypass valve, which returns all water back as low preesurized water into the suction system (energy saving and extending lifelong of the pump spare parts). The high pressurized water remains only between control valve and high pressure gun  or other high pressure shut-off valve at the end of the system. When the pressure falls down in this part of the system (eg by squeezing the trigger of the high pressure gun or opening any other shut-off valve or leakage in the system), the control valve (regulator) switches to the pressure mode again and re-presses the system to the set pressure.


In the case of request, by deactivating the switch-off function, the control valve (regulator) can be used as high pressure relief valve.

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